Osteopathy is a regulated profession(General Osteopathic Council). It is a therapy that emphasises the role of the musculoskeletal system (muscle, ligament, bones) in health and disease.

We are often called back men (women) or head doctors depending on whether we treat an adult or a child. Most people mistakenly believe that we only treat bones and backs, but at the clinic we do much more. We adjust the joints, muscles and ligaments so the body is free to move as designed. This pumps the bad stuff out and feeds every little corner the good things needed for health. We do so by using massage, articulations, rapid and slow movement of various parts of the body. With older patients or more fragile one like neonate and babies, the technique are often so subtle that it looks like we are doing nothing. Our aim is to keep you younger for longer.

What can we treat?
Well as a cross between a kind of plumber and a mechanic you can imagine we improve and influence a lot of changes in people’s health and symptoms. Sometimes even in a illness that only medicine can help, with our treatment we just help the patient to move freely and medicine to be that little more effective. We do treat patients who are diagnosed with a huge variety of conditions the list of which would be too long. If you are not sure if we can ssist you why don’t you just email us with the email set next to this screen with your questions.
Unless treatment is definitely contra-indicated, we will try to answer you asap and when the answer depend on observation we will invite you to come for an assessment and will be able to nswer the question then. If we believe that you do not need a treatment we will say so, recommend you for the most appropriate treatment and often recommend you to a practitioner, and we would not charge a fee.

A case history is taken, conventional medical testing may be necessary and relevant pieces of clothing may need to be removed in order to test and examine the area in pain or possibly causing pain. You may be asked to perform some simple movement in order to assess the quality and range of movements in your joints, and the subtle change in muscle tone, tension and complex compensation which may explain your symptoms, their development and their origin. The diagnosis will then be explained to you and the treatment
procedure, and duration too.
Please feel free at any moment to ask us to clarify or ask for a second opinion our team is at your

How many treatments will I need? How much will it cost?
Of course it all depends on how long you have had the problem and what is wrong. All our practitioners should be able to give an estimate and sometimes will recommend a review further down the line. We will if necessary, combine your treatment with other healthcare professionals, make recommendations to exercise, or life style adjustment (posture, workstation set-up, etc). The price of each consultation is listed on the appendix

Why in case of a neck pain do you need to see my feet knees and low back and vice versa?
Most of the time adults are asked to remove part of their clothing (ideally down to your underwears – legging are practical also) It
is important for your osteopath to be able to assess your posture and range of movement and compensation throughout the body. Often our patients are surprised that a pain that developed only a month after a particular activity or with no
apparent reason, can be associated with an old injury tracking back many years and away from the site of pain (shoulder pain related to a ankle and knee injury years ago
for example).

Does my GP need to know?
Some people would rather we didn’t communicate with their GP. However we work often alongside your GP and other medical practitioners and will refer back to the GP if the condition requires it. No communication will be done without your consent, even to members of your family.
We can often be consulted first with what may look like a simple back pain or other symptoms, however, we still have to run through the diagnostic procedures used in conventional medical assessment in order to rule out anything that would make the treatment contra-indicated. It is always our duty for you to be safe in our hands

Cranial osteopathy/Head massage?
Although loads of people separate “cranial osteopathy” and “structural approach” at the Maple tree clinic we believe it is only a different tool. Cranial osteopathy is a very gentle approach but please click on Cranial osteopathy section of this site for more information.

Osteopathy was founded by Andrew Taylor Still 1870 Kirkville Missouri. After the American Civil War, the loss of his children with Meningitis and various other events, he was disillusioned with orthodox medicine.

He therefore developed a manipulative therapy in order to promote:
- Ideal blood flow in tissues and organs for the body to self-heal,
- Ideal use of joint and muscles in order to prevent injury and promote rehabilitation.

Imported into Europe in the early 1900, it became fully recognised in the U.K. with an Act Of Parliament in 1993 and subsequent statutory regulation in 1998.

Our osteopaths are fully registered with the General Osteopathic
and undergo regular training to maintain and develop top quality skills and expertise. At our clinic, you
may be asked if one colleague can attend during your treatment, as part of our desire to maintain high treatment quality and the
skills of our team. Your onfidentiality will be respected and you are always free to prefer privacy.

This is for any one that feels like something isn't right, pain, stiffness, and dysfunction. It is not just bones and muscle so why don't you e-mail us an enquiry.

Further information available on the following links to the General Osteopathic Council & the British Osteopathic





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