Food Allergy Testing


Shusha has been a member of the British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy since 1996.
We may all become sensitive to substances if we are under stress. Shusha uses a non-invasive method of testing.
The form of Allergy testing used by Shusha involves muscle testing and also the use of a pendulum.

What happens in a session.?

The client can bring any foods, substances or liquids to which they feel they may be sensitive. These can be tested by muscle testing ie certain muscles may go weak if the person is sensitive to the item being tested.
Then the client can lie down and trays of testers will be placed over their tummy button and over their clothes. Dowsing with a pendulum then helps to pinpoint the offending ones.
These items can be retested by muscle testing if necessary.

Some nutritional advice may be given. The session lasts about an hour.


If the client so wishes Homoeopathic desensitizers may be given in tablet form over a period of time. These may help to desensitize the person to that particular food, liquid or substance.

There is a small extra charge for these desensitizers.

Shusha sometimes tests a couple of items within a homoeopathic session. A separate session needs to be booked to test more than two or three items.



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