Can hypnosis support fertility?
It’s long been recognised that the use of hypnosis can help couples to get pregnant. This is because a woman experiencing negative emotions such as fear, worry, frustration, anger, jealousy, sadness or depression, can significantly reduce her chances of getting pregnant.

Zita West, one of Europe’s leading fertility experts, states: “Negative emotions, such as fear, anxiety and grief, can all impact on the chances of conception. Emotions such as these cause raised levels of stress hormones, which interfere with the immune system, hormonal balance and as a result, fertility”.

She goes on to say that although Western medicine has been slow to recognise the mind-body connection, Chinese medicine has long recognised the relationship between mental and physical well-being. The meridian system that runs through the body is affected by different emotions, and imbalances in the emotions can cause blockages in the system, leading to physical problems.

Does stress affect fertility?
Stress often arises when you don’t feel in control in your life. Many factors, including work, money, relationships and health, can affect your stress levels, such as if you’re continually worried about losing your job, or how getting pregnant and bringing a child into the world is going to affect your financial situation.

Or maybe you’re experiencing problems within your relationship, often caused by the pressures of trying for a baby. The constant pressure of having to have sex at certain times of the month, taking away any sense of spontaneity, continued pressure to perform, and losing the usual sense of fun and pleasure, all creates stress and tension.
During stressful moments the hypothalamus in the brain triggers a cascading sequence of nervous and hormonal signals. This prompts the adrenal glands to start producing stress hormones, including cortisol and adrenaline, which send the body into the “fight or flight” response, increasing the heart rate, and elevating blood pressure. It also has an inhibiting effect on the body, and shuts down essential bodily functions like the digestive and reproductive systems.

It is said that modern-day living has never been so stressful. Many contributory factors, including working long hours in a highly-pressured work environment, a constant fear of unemployment and losing financial security, dispersed family network and poor sense of community, can often leave individuals feeling vulnerable and ill-supported.

As a result, many people live in a constant state of high alert. The over-production of stress hormones, especially, cortisol, can exhaust the adrenal glands. Continued and prolonged exposure to these hormones also increases the risk of obesity, insomnia, depression and infertility.
It is well-known that obesity, or simply being overweight, reduces your chance of conceiving. It is also well-known that insomnia leads to a decrease in your energy levels, affecting your mental and physical health, and as a result your ability to conceive.
Many women trying for a baby also suffer with depression and anxiety as a result of a feeling of lack of control and hopelessness about their situation.

So what support is available?
My role as a clinical hypnofertility therapist and Clear Mind Fertility Coach, is to support couples back to emotional and physical well-being. It is a well-established that there is a direct link between emotional and mental health, and the physical well-being of an individual. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body.

What happens over a course of treatment?
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