Christophe Becquereau

B.Sc (Hons) Ost.


As many of you may know by now, I am French (Lille). I came in England in 1994 to train as an Osteopath. I qualified in 1998 at British School of Osteopathy (london) which provided me with an amazing training and understanding of the human musculo-skeletal system and itís interaction.

I started working in Northampton (on the Wellingborough Road) straight from 1998 after Hedley Chinn departure to Australia. As most Osteopath I started in various clinic Part-time. From 1998 until summer 2001 I worked in Milton Keynes (the Blackberry Clinic) . From 2001 until 2005 I worked at Kettering Osteopath with Jo Clarkson. In both clinics I learnt the importance of the work as a team (second opinion) that each osteopath has a different look on things and that a multi-disciplinary clinic is essential in order to communicate with other profession and provide each patient with the right treatment or the right combined treatments. Jo Clarkson was one of my technique Tutor and I was honoured to be part of her team of great osteopaths in Kettering. During my work under her I learnt how important our patient relationship is and how it can further enhance our understanding of their conditions and therefore their treatment and boost their recovery.

In 2005, I decided I could focus on my own Clinic, 3 full days a week as I was three weeks waiting list and getting busier with another side of my work: The Veterinary side
Soon after qualifying, I was asked if I could help with a horse that seem in discomfort but didnít seem to be helped by conventional veterinary approach. I did warn that I had not qualified in this discipline but I had read about it and started on my own dogs and always had a fascination for horses. When I first saw the horse his symptoms seemed obvious to me. I tried with my osteopathic understanding and my limited knowledge about horses to treat the animal and it worked! I then decided to further my training in that field (not the green one) and now treat all sort of animals. (Horses mainly, dogs and cats, rabbits, piglets, lamb and rams, alpacas and one parrot.)

My mechanical understanding of the horse came from my martial training in France. One of my Friends (Chadli Tabib) often demonstrated to me Karate technique and explained the motion of the horses. He is the one that gave me a book of applied osteopathy to horse before I even entered to B.S.O.

I gradually outgrew the clinic on the Wellingborough and with my three assistants, we opened the new Clinic the 21st of September 2010.

I now work at the Maple Tree Clinic on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. And although I am often over three weeks fully booked. Still I have a very good "cancellation list" system that reception manage and a great team of 5 osteopaths that could see you every day of the week.

The other two days of the week are now dedicated to travelling around the counties to treat animals (mainly Horses) and their riders. I often see smaller animals at the clinic. But I must admit I had once to see a horse on the car park as their owner was desperate.

Passionate about my work, I treat from adult to neonate and always like a challenge. Some people may say it is a variety of work but there is as much difference between a fit rugby player, a ballet dancer, a teenager training in football, a pregnant lady and an elderly person under medical treatment, than with a neonate and an animal. The principals are the same and the osteopath needs to adjust his technique to the patient and his understanding of the symptom and to the fitness and health of each case.
I love reading and always look further afield in order to improve my skill, knowledge and life. As all osteopaths, I am required to persue 30 hrs minimum of Continual Professional Development. As a matter of fact I always do a minimum of 75 hr each year since my graduation.

I love gardening but often lack the time lately. I love reading about all sort of subject and in both language about history.
I also keep Bonsais, and practice Aikido (a Japanese Martial Art) at Towcester Aikido (taught by Stuart Jeffs Ė 3rd Dan)

One of my hobby is shared with Patricia my wife: Horse riding.

You can always have a look at my veterinary website or download my veterinary leaflet.




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