Nicky Hall



Nicky Hall was
introduced to yoga over twenty years ago
and has enjoyed practising since.
Personally she has explored a variety of
yoga forms and completed her practical
training with the Inner Healing
School of Yoga
. With an academic
background in psychology and stress
management the focus is on the therapeutic
benefits of hatha yoga to enhance health
and happiness. When not teaching Nicky is
busy about the tree of life raising children
and developing holistic support services for
children and vulnerable families in need for
Northants. The arts and gardening are
favourite pastimes if not by the sea. She

“The practise of yoga is known
to improve your mental, physical and
emotional well being. Dis-ease is reduced
for yoga promotes inner healing as your
mind and body is connected with the

Physically tension is decreased, blood
pressure lowered and the immune system
strengthens as your batteries recharge. The
mind is calmed, soothed allowing greater
clarity and personal growth. The gift of yoga
is finding space for bliss and grace.

Stress and emotional fatigue will reduce as
your parasympathetic nervous system is
moved towards balance and the mind into a
calm state which science recognises as the
Alpha wave.

The courses I run are suitable for
beginners/intermediate level who will find
the practise restorative. Hatha yoga works
with the sun (ha) and moons (tha) energies,
(our male and female energies) to balance
the body on several levels. You do not need
to be super fit or especially bendy to enjoy
this yoga.

During a session you experience a
sequence of asanas (postures) and slow
flowing movements to expand your body
and breath. At the end of session you will
leave feeling restored and replenished as
your body and cells have been expanded
not only on a physical but subtle level too.
They aim to be fun so you may find yourself
laughing at times!

All you need is yourself in comfortable
clothing. Mats are provided at the Maple
Tree and your individual attention and
comfort is assured, as classes are limited to
8 maximum. “


Nicky Hall student teacher IYN, Insured, BA
(Hons) Psychology of Human Behaviour

Courses run for either 6 or 8 weeks for
details and costs then do contact the clinic
or Nicky Hall



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