Helen Hammerton



I am a Speech & Language Therapist with a special interest in Stammering and Voice. After a 4 year training in London, I gained a degree in Clinical Communication Sciences and since 1998 I have worked in community clinics, schools and hospitals, treating children and adults with a variety of communication problems. In continuing my professional development I have furthered my training with relevant courses such as Voice and Body Biomechanics, Dysfluency workshop based on the Michael Palin Centre Approach, Effective Brief Counselling.

I have 2 children and whilst raising them I worked part-time and set up my own business supplying director's lunches. Prior to having my children I worked as a PA in Advertising and Public Relations.

My hobbies/interests include painting with oils/acrylics, sculpture, theatre, travel, walking, tennis, cooking for friends.




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