Shusha Walmsley



I would like to explain who I am and how I came to be a therapist.
My healing journey started when I was five years old. I didnít know what I was doing but I felt drawn to put my hands on my school friends if they were ill. I also looked after a close school friend at that time who had cerebral palsy and nursed my mother when she became ill until she died.

My parents followed the Javanese Guru Subud and we would go and stay at the famous philosopher JG Bennetís Community near London. So from a young age I mixed with children from all over the world who were living in the Community.
My father was a Veterinary surgeon who pioneered cattle breeding for the Milk Marketing board. He was an extraordinary man in that he would often prescribe intuitively or operate at a time which was intuitively right for him, knowing therefore that the outcome would be good.
So I grew up knowing and accepting other ideas and other ways of healing.

I later trained in dance at the Laban Studios and integrated this into my teaching of children with special needs.
As I wanted to continue to work in a caring way, I trained as a Homoeopath and qualified in 1991. I see Homoeopathy as a gentle healing journey during which one guides the person back to health and a state of balance.

Because of my experiences as a qualified teacher my particular interests are children and also those with special needs. I am also very interested in the whole journey of fertility.
Nothing can be more delightful than when a patient manages to conceive and have a child.

With Homoeopathy a remedy is given for the whole person plus their symptoms and the energy of this works with the personís energy to try to bring everything back into balance.
I often if needed introduce some Allergy Testing into a session




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