Vivienne Titmuss



I qualified in Therapeutic
with the London College of Massage in 1998, and then Sports and Remedial Massage with the London School of Sports Massage in 2000/1, and worked alongside a variety of other healthcare practitioners in multi-disciplinary clinics, sports clubs and gyms in London before returning to Northamptonshire. I treat both adults and children and am a member of the Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage. I was delighted to be asked to join The Maple Tree Clinic team in 2011. †We operate a cross-referral system, if and when appropriate, at the clinic and Christophe and the other osteopaths send their patients to me to provide Massage Therapy as a support to their work and also as a maintenance treatment to help keep the body in an optimal, balanced state of health.

Whilst treating people for a wide range of musculoskeletal issues over the years, I have become increasingly aware that the body stores all of our experiences and that this holding creates our movement, limitation and expectation patterns. I believe that the body can be used as a gateway to awareness to allow us to connect and unwind and release these patterns to help us realise our potential. †I utilise a combined bodymind approach tailored specifically to individual needs.

I am passionate about wellbeing and helping people achieve good health on all levels (physically, mentally and emotionally) in whatever area the individualís goals are: from improving posture, relieving or managing pain, recovery from injury or surgery, enhancing sporting performance to relaxation and feeling lighter. †I have a particular interest in stress and anxiety and how these affect health and equally how the worries of illness and injury can exacerbate the presenting condition. †Simple breathing and relaxation techniques can be taught so that energy, thoughts and confidence can all be better managed.

To support professional and personal development, I qualified to teach yoga to adults (2006) and children (2007) and have guided students from the age of 3 to 72. I have also studied NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to provide insight on how our beliefs, attitudes and thinking generally can influence the way we live our life and, specifically, our health. I regularly attend manual and movement professional development courses to enhance the efficacy of my treatments. †In my spare time I like to practise yoga, walk, paint, read and laugh as often as possible.

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