Sinead McGowan

M.Sc Osteopathy,


Sinead graduated from The British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London in 2013. She only joined the Maple tree Clinic in 2015 but her dynamism has proven popular with patient.

Sinead is a structural osteopath, who enjoys treating a range of mechanical, visceral and musculoskeletal symptoms that are secondary to systemic disorders. She is very methodical with her approach and will often set targets for the patient so that they can monitor their progression. She always likes to provide patients with an understanding of their problem and will often set tasks outside of the clinic. These exercise/activities will help the patient to help themselves between the treatments provided. Sinead believes when a patient understands the root cause of the problem and how it develops, they are more likely to gain a successful outcome from the treatments and maintain that the issue does not return in the future.

Sinead enjoys regular exercise she has completed the London marathon and several other half marathons for different charities.

Her latest physical challenge is to cycle from London to Paris so if you donít see her pacing the streets of Northampton jogging you may see her cycling.

As part of the Maple Tree Clinic team she is naturally undertaking further mentoring with the rest of the Osteopath so you might come across her whilst with another one of our osteopath. She has also a special interest for the team paediatric approach and hope to soon be able to see babies too.




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