Jenny Mullan

BEd , PGDip ( Ed ) , MBIH, Cert Sedona Coach


My journey towards becoming a therapist began in the late 1990ís. Following the untimely death of my father from a brain tumour, I decided to leave a successful teaching career and train as a clinical hypnotherapist.
My passion has always been supporting people in mental health. During my time in teaching, I watched the stress levels of the staff - many were on anti-depressants, and suffering with insomnia, anxiety, depression, and more. This left me with no doubt that many people needed help towards becoming happy and healthy human beings.

I was delighted to find that clinical hypnotherapy could provide rapid and highly effective answers to these problems. In an average of four to six sessions, sometimes much less, people could be free of symptoms that had been troubling them for many months Ė sometimes years.

During my first pregnancy in 2002, I developed a keen interest in the use of hypnosis for childbirth. After some careful research, I was lucky enough to come across HypnoBirthing Ė The Mongan Method. I trained as a practitioner, using it successfully for the birth of my first child and then, because of my teaching background, I was invited by the founder, Marie Mongan, to train as an instructor at the prestigious St Thomas Hospital in London.

I continue to run HypnoBirthing classes for parents and now train people from around the world as practitioners. Iíve lectured the Royal College of Midwives on several occasions, been published in the Midwives journal and other local and national press, and have presented at the Primary Care Live events where I was voted ďSpeaker of the DayĒ at both Manchester and London.
Throughout my career Iíve studied a wide variety of tools and methods to ensure that Iím offering you, my client, the best treatment. Most recently, in 2009, I embarked on some additional training in the USA, leading me to become qualified as a Certified Sedona Method Coach, which has enabled me to achieve even deeper and more rapid results.

As a therapist, Iím totally committed to offering you the greatest level of care, and the most up to date and effective treatment. I work by combining the best therapeutic techniques, backed up by the latest research and understanding of neuroscience and its application to your emotional health.




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