Helen Lewis

MAR (Member of the Assoc. of Reflexologist)


I currently practise as a clinical Reflexologist. I am also qualified to teach parents how to use reflexology on their children and I do Reflexology incorporating Hopi ear candles into the treatment for ear nose and throat problems.

I have been qualified for 11 years and during that time my work experience has included treating many different conditions from back, neck and shoulder problems to fertility issues, working in a hospice on a voluntary basis. I also have worked for Northampton Health Authority giving presentations to staff on Reflexology and how it works.

I have started working at the Maple Tree Clinic as well as my clinical reflexology, I now teach parent's how to treat their children with baby reflexology. However, reflexology is a fantastic therapy as it works with the other disciplines that the clinic offers and can often enhances the effectiveness of the other treatments that are offered.




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